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When you need the help of a Brampton, ON, lawyer who offers flexible appointment times and local representation, our firm is ready to represent you. Chhokar Law Office offers the honest and direct answers you need to steer your case properly. We’ll help you navigate the maze of laws that can be confusing to the normal person.

Our office is open Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 7:00pm and Saturday, 11am – 5pm. Schedule now to protect your rights. Our firm can:

  • Interview witnesses and handling testimony
  • Advocate on your behalf in court, if necessary
  • Take care of the careful investigation you need to bring possible shortcomings of police procedure to light

Choose a Brampton, ON, lawyer from our firm to handle your case. Chhokar Law Office delivers the understanding and commitment required to guide you through the entire legal process. We not only provide legal advice but also a desire to build a relationship with you to help during this tough time. Contact us today to get started.

If you need a Brampton real estate lawyer, a Brampton family lawyer, or a Brampton criminal lawyers, set-up a meeting with someone in our office soon.

One of our qualified lawyers will help you through your case.

If you need an attorney for any reason, you are probably experiencing all sorts of stress. We aim to make it as hassle-free as possible for our clients to file lawsuits or fight criminal charges. We have flexible hours so that you can meet with your legal counselor during times that are convenient for you. Furthermore, the attorneys at Chhokar Law Office specialize in a variety of differents areas. If you need to have property assessed or you need to fight to keep a home you inherited, a real estate lawyer in Brampton can help you. If you are planning to file for custody of your children in the midst of a nasty divorce, you should meet with one of our family lawyers in Brampton. Finally, if you are facing drunk driving or other criminal charges, you should hire a criminal lawyer in Brampton right away. We hope you will call us to schedule a free consultation with a legal specialist.

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